2021 Press Releases

Mar 23, 2021
KSR Racers Enjoy a Successful Weekend Despite Challenging Conditions

This past Sunday marked the third and fourth rounds of the CSRA Regional Snowcross championship races in Lindsay, Ontario. Initial icy conditions led to rider and team trepidations in hitting the track. However, event organizers were able to take team concerns into consideration which led to postponement of the first race for an hour in order to provide some time for the sun to shine, resulting in warmer temperatures. This allowed for the ice on the track to break up a bit, and for KSR to then make the final decision to go racing. Full Story

Mar 16, 2021
First National Race of 2021 Season is a Success for Brooklyn Karkoulas

After much race season uncertainty and anticipation, Brooklyn Karkoulas #500, was finally able to line up and get the green flag this past Sunday, March 14th. The race, held in Lindsay, Ontario, was the first National race of the 2021 CSRA Snowcross season.

With a great thaw the week prior to the event, combined with warm sunny skies, many teams were doubtful the race could be held as planned. If there is one thing avid snowcross racers can attest to, ‘where there is a will, there is a way’. CSRA organizers were able to do what seemed like an impossible feat by trucking in 400 loads of snow the days before the event and tirelessly building a technical and physically demanding track for the National series classes to compete on. Full Story

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