Team Profiles

Ryan Hunt

Race Number: 729
Class: Pro & Snow Bike
Sled / Bike: 2021 Ski Doo 600 RS & 2021 Yeti SnowMX and Husqvarna 450 FC bike
Years Racing: 20
Goals: Get out there and have Fun!
Sanctioning Body: CSRA / ISOC
Why I Race: For fun and to hang out with my team mates and Dad
2020 1st Pro Snowbike
2019 1st Sport Snowbike
2019 6th Pro Snowcross
2018 6th Pro Snowcross
2017 4th Pro lite
2016 5th Pro Lite
2015 3rd Sport 500
2014 Placed on Podium every weekend I raced
2013 Junior F2 Champion, 2nd Junior 2 & 3rd Junior 1
2012 Novice 2 Champion
2011 4th Novice B
2010 2nd Novice B & Novice 1
2009 Novice A Champion
2008 120cc Mod Champion, 2nd Novice A
2007 120cc Champion

Yanick Boucher

Race Number: 53
Class: SnowBike
Bike: 2022 Yeti Snowmx and Husqvarna 450 FC bike
Years Racing: 11
Goals: Win & Have Fun
Sanctioning Body: CSRA/ISOC
Why I Race: I enjoy the trill of competition, pushing myself to become a better racer and have fun riding.
2022 - 10th TripleCrown Motocross Series
2022 - 3rd ISOC Snowbike
2021 - 3rd ISOC Snowbike
2020 X-Games Silver Medal, ISOC 2nd Place, CSRA 2nd Place
2019 CSRA Snowbike Champion
2019 12th Overall in MX1 Championship
2018 CSRA Snowbike Champion
2018 Finished 9th at Winter X Games
2017- 8th Pro open
2014- 2nd Sport 600 2016-3rd Pro lite
Quote: I am super excited for this season, racing the entire ISOC series and the CSRA.

Brooklyn Karkoulas

Race Number: 500
Class: Pro Women
Type of Sled: 2023 Ski Doo 600 RS
Years Racing: 13
Goals: For 2023 I look hit the podium in the Pro Womens class and have the overall goal of having fun racing.
Sanctioning Body: CSRA
Why I Race: I am a very competitive person and Snowcross is really fun.

2022 Pro/Am Women 4th
2021 Pro/Am Women Champion

2020  Pro Woman Champion
2019  Junior Girls Champion, Junior 1 4th
Awarded 2018 Most Outstanding Junior Racer
2018  Junior Girls Champion, Junior 1 5th
2017 Transition Girls Champion, Transition and Novice B 5th
2016 Transition Girls Champion, Transition 7th
2015 Novice Girls 2nd, Novice 250 3rd, Novice A 6th
2010-14 Worked up the ranks starting with stock 120, and enjoyed multiple podiums on the way.

Team Profiles

DAKOTA Karkoulas

Race Number: 501
Class: Pro Women
Type of Sled: 2023 Ski Doo 600 RS
Years Racing: 12
Goals: For 2023 Defend the Pro women’s title.
Sanctioning Body: CSRA
Why I Race: I love the sport, hanging out with my family and friends at the races.

2022 Pro/Am Women Champion, Junior Boy’s Champion
2021 Junior Girls Champion, Junior Boy’s Champion
2020 Junior Girls Champion, Junior 14-17 2nd Place
2019 Transition Girls Class Champion, Transition 2 2nd
2018 Transition Girls Class Champion, Transition 2 3rd
2017 Transition Girls 3rd, Transition 9th, Novice A 6th
2016 Transition Girls 4th, Novice A 8th
2011-2012 worked up the ranks of 120 class

ZOE Karkoulas

Race Number: 502
Class: Transition Girls and Transition 2
Type of Sled: 2022 Ski Doo 600 RS
Years Racing: 9
Goals: For 2023 I am looking forward to defending the Transition girls championship and look for a top 5 in the Transition 2.
Sanctioning Body: CSRA
Why I Race: I love the sport, hanging out with my family and friends at watching my teammates race.

2022 Transition Girls Champion, Transition 2 7th
2021 Transition Girls 2nd, Transition 2 5th
2020 Transition Girls 2nd Place
2019 Transition 1 2nd, Transition Girls 4th
2018 Novice 200 4th, Transition 1 9th, Transition Girls 8th
2017 120 Stock 2 5th, Briggs Improved 1 10th
2016 120 Stock 1 Class Champion, 120 Stock 2 3rd
2015 120 Stock 1 4th
2014 120 Stock 1

Hailey Belanger

Race Number : 574
Class: Pro/Am Women
Years Racing: 11
Type of Sled: 2023 Ski Doo 600 RS
2022 – 1st at EXR Regional
2022- 2nd Overall FIM National
2021 – Junior Girls 2nd place
2020 – Transition Girls Champion
2020 – Junior Girls 2nd Place
2019- Transition boys 2nd place
2019 Transition Girls 3rd Place
Share your greatest accomplishment thus far in your sport? I think my greatest accomplishment
thus far was last season! I learned I could run up front and compete with some of top riders
in my classes!
Goals for the upcoming season? My goals this coming season are of a course to try and win but
also have fun trying!
How old were you when you started riding? I was about 3 years old when I started riding.

Team Profiles

Stuart Hunt

Team Owner
Race Number: 29
Years Racing: Retired
Goals: Continue to build upon our success
Sanctioning Body: CSRA/ISOC
Outlook: Lood forward to working with our riders, lead mechaincs and marketing partners.
2019 – Team of the Year Award.
2018 – Sadly retired
2107 – 2nd Pro Snowbike
2016 – 1st Pro Master & Sport Master, 2nd Pro Vet
2015 – 2nd Pro Vet, Pro Masters
2014 – Pro Vet Champion, 2nd Pro & Sport Master
2013 – 2nd Sport Master, 3rd Pro Master
2012 – Sport Master Champion, Pro Master 2nd place
2011 – Sport Master Champion, 2nd Pro Vet & Pro Master classes

Troy Karkoulas

Troy Started racing snowcross in 1997, working his way up the ranks over the seasons with numerous class and division championships to eventually race the Pro classes in 2002 and 2003.
Troy took a brief leave from racing just until his oldest daughter found her love of snowmobiles at the age of 4 and was drawn back to the track in a different role.
Troy works on the technical aspects of the Junior division of the team. With over 22 years
of mechanical experience as a technician he ensures the snowmobiles are race ready.
In addition the track experience he gained in his years of racing, has enabled him to share his knowledge and strategy with the racers.

Team Profiles

Glen Goodale

Central Marine / The Compound
Glen has been with the team for 8 years. Lead mechanic for Ryan Hunt. He brings the team his
mechanical knowledge and a love of racing that started in the mid ’80’s when he raced motorcycles
on dirt and ice.
A successful Marine business owner in Muskoka, and the now famous winter snowcross training
facility, The Compound.
Glen has the ideal shop location, in Bracebridge, Ont where he tends to our equipment mid week
and we have our private test track also at
The Compound


Flybyu Motorsports

Derek joined the team in 2015 to run our Pro Open program and work with Ståle Eggen and
Mitch King. With several years of experience, Derek quickly made an impact.
As owner of Flybyu Motorsports, Derek also manages a successful business, now working with
Yeti and Camso snowbike kits.
Derek now leads our Snowbike program, helping the team capture the first two Championships
in the the new class in the CSRA.

Doug Hass

Doug is the guy who introduced me to the sport of-Snowcross back in 2000. Back then Doug and I shared his 1999 Ski Doo 440. Doug ran the Masters class for a few years, placing 1st or 2nd for three years in a row.
Doug (Pit Boss) Hass has been an important member of our team ever since. Now in charge of everything that happens once the riders enter the RV to fill up on energy, he is well known for his BBQ talents and is always there to lend a hand in the pits to our riders.
Its has been several years since Doug retired from Ice Oval racing. Back in the day he won several race events and championships. Riding Ski Doo for years, Doug and his brother Don were a team the factory riders worried about every weekend.

marketing partners

Marketing Partners