Team Blogs


Ryan’s Blog:
Always a fun weekend in Timmins! Just like last year we all went for an awesome trail ride and there is just endless fun to have in the industrial pit we ride in! Glad to have some well needed fun. The weekend didn’t go as I planned and bad starts and a 1 line track would limit me to being able to pass and gain some points. Trying to stay positive all weekend just trying to get the most points out of the weekend as possible. I’d like to thank all of our sponsors that continuously help us and support us, none of this would be possible without you guys!

Yanick’s Blog:
What a great weekend it was for me in Timmins winning 1st overall Saturday and Sunday. Felt really good to be racing closer to home with lots of friends and family that came out to support me, it was cool seeing everyone.
Big thanks to Bailey motorsports for another awesome weekend!

Isaac’s Blog:
The weekend was a learning curve doing good in the qualifiers and crashing in the final and making my way back up to 4th! Sunday I went 1-1 in the qualifiers and in the final I was chasing down 1st place and my sled had problems and I wasn’t able to finish. Another weekend of racing in the books. Just going to focus on the next race weekend!!

Brooklyn’s Blog:
Did not achieve the results I was hoping for Was a little different style of track then I’m use to and just couldn’t seem to gain ground.
Really disappointed that my sled broke but determined to make up some points in Chicopee!

Hailey’s Blog:
I can’t believe the weather this season! Leading up to this past weekend in Timmins the weather was like a yo yo ball! thankfully the compound has plenty of snow and I was able to continue practicing and preparing for the weekend!
I had a lot of fun this weekend hanging with the hole entire team. Timmins is always so much fun. The track had it’s challenges! I’d never seen elevated start before in person! It was pretty interesting. But I didn’t let it get the best of me. I was able to walk away this weekend with 3rd overall both days in transition girls and 2nd, 4th overall in transition 8-10. Definitely looking forward to having a bit of a brake and practice a few little thing at the compound over the March brake to get ready for Kitchener


Yanick Boucher:
Lindsay was not the best weekend for me going 2nd and 3rd, struggled with the track having lots of ice edges on it and got a few get offs that left me a bit sore. Overall learned a lot and will be back stronger for the next one! Thank you to everyone that supports us.


What to say about this past weekend in Lindsay! It was a pretty crazy weekend! I got 3rd overall in transition girls and I even got my very first heat win in transition 8-10 and came out with a 2nd overall Saturday giving me a hole new confidence about myself.

Sunday definitely had it’s good moments and bad moments! I got 2 overall in transition girls with a pretty intense battle for the finish line in the morning with my team mate Dakota. I wasn’t sure witch one of us crossed finish line first.

I once again i won the morning heat in transition 8-10 but crashed pretty hard off the start in the afternoon moto battling with some of the other racers and was unable to restart with everyone! Thankfully I’m ok with a little rest I’ll be ready for the next race.




Valcourt was a great experience this weekend. Had an awsome weekend despite not getting on the podium I still felt I achieved my goals for the weekend and rode well all weekend long. The track had to be my favourite to date, with some serious high flying jumps too! Friday went well. I felt good on the sled after we got my Enzo suspension setup ready and Glen had the sled rippin. Ended up with a 3rd and then unfortunately for the rest of the day I wouldn’t get the starts I was looking for and had a hard time getting up through the pack. Saturday and Sunday went a lot better with several top 5 finishes in my Motos and two 3rds both days would send me right to the final! Hard competition I had to try and do the best I could to gather up some points. Looking forward to next weekend and trying again to make it onto the podium!



Skidoo’s Grand Prix race in Valcourt is always a fun time and race. It’s always exciting to be racing against the big teams from the states again and to be in skidoo home town. Track was amazing this year with their layout, including the cool new elevated start witch I really liked. Rode hard and solid all weekend and placed 7th and 8th in both Pro Finals. Excited for what the next race brings!



Such a great race weekend for me in Valcourt sweeping all my heats and both finals! New track design was challenging for us on snowbikes but my Husqvarna Canada bike equipped with Yeti Snow kit was working awesome. Track had plenty of snow made it super fun for us. Can’t thank my team Bailey Motorsports enough for an awesome weekend.


This past weekend racing at Valcourt was one to remember. Friday night I raced in the pro/prolite class and went 3 and 3 in my qualifiers. Going into the final I didn’t know what to expect and with a 15 lap final I ended up 11th which I was very proud of. Saturday and Sunday I raced the prolite class and managed to grab both final wins staying consistent and smooth while getting a good start!! Overall an amazing weekend. The track was unreal with huge jumps and a technical rhythm section!!


I had a great weekend in Valcourt and it was an awesome experience. I’m really happy that I got 5th in Junior 10-13 and 5th in Junior 14-15. This weekend was my first time racing against Women, some of which are Pro Women and I’m stoked to say that I placed 7th in the final. Overall it was a really good weekend.




Ryan Hunt #729:

First round of the CSRA snowcross was a weekend of ups and downs. Ready and having more practice than ever leading up to the first race I was ready for the light to go green for the first time in pro! Fighting the tough weather conditions and track conditions I went out for practice trying to find lines and get comfortable on the track for the up coming races for the day. Had trouble all weekend with starts and lead me to have to fight through the pack of riders most races all weekend. All throughout I was trying to keep a positive attitude towards the day and my finishes. Sunday I had a good final and dug deep to pull off a 4th in the final and almost taking 3rd! Things to work on but getting through the first weekend was a goal and secondly my finishes where right where I wanted to be for the first round and I can’t wait to build on my results and make it to the podium!

Taylor McCoy #335:

This weekend was something I was pumped about for a while, coming in as a rookie in the pro class I was excited to show what I had. Saturday was a fun day, had too motos and caught hard for a 3rd place in the final, was super happy about it. Sunday came around and was nervous and excited to see how day two would go. Rode hard and fast and ended up with another 3rd in the final. I can’t thank the Bailey Motorsports team enough for their support. Also big thanks to Skidoo, Mystik, Scott goggles, and Troy Lee Designs for having everything dialed in. Ready for Round 3 and 4!

Isaac St. Onge #117:

This past weekend was one to remember as it was my first weekend in pro lite and I had manage to pull the hole shots in all my heats and finals and stay out front and pull away from the pack!! having these wins at round one of CSRA was a huge confidence booster for me. the sled couldn’t have performed better, it was pulling hard out of the hole, glen did some tweaking with my suspension to make it perfect, and I was feeling real comfortable on the sled. the track was an icy one as well as being small, but it gave us riders a challenge to see who could get to the checkered flag first!! overall this past weekend was a great way to start the season!!! also wishing mitch king a safe and fast recovery see you out there soon bud!!❤

Yanick Boucher #53:

Had a great weekend racing at the first round of csra snowcross, with really cold temperatures and icy track conditions that made it hard to ride on a snowbike. I was able to finish off 2nd and 1st overall on the weekend, happy on my ridding and looking forward to the next round! Yanick Boucher

Brooklyn Karkoulas #500:

I am stoked about how the whole weekend went, it was awesome making front row in the older boys Junior 1 final both days. Felt great starting the season off on the right foot winning my first Jr girls race, bummed about falling off while I was leading my Jr girls race on Sunday but happy that I had enough of a lead to finish the race in 3rd. Bring on round 3&4!

Hailey Belanger #574:

This weekend was very exciting and crazy at the same time! It was my very first time attending Rouyn-Noranda! I didn’t know what to expect at all. It was freezing cold all weekend even my sled didn’t like the cold weather, I had some technical problems with my race sled freezing up and braking, Making everyone working overtime! I just wanna say a big thank you first to everyone that helped get my sled back up and going this past weekend. I think my favorite highlight of the weekend was finishing 2nd in one of my Transition girls heat and 4th in my Transition 8-10 heat! I definitely learned no matter the bumps in the road you keep at it and you can achieve anything with a little hard work

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